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For the past four years we have been working on Elephants Never Forget as an independent, self-funded production. Our vision is to create an inspirational and moving non-fiction feature film that will spread awareness about the troubled world of the Asian elephant and the critical threats they are facing. For over 4,000 years Asian elephants have served humans in warfare, logging, and in the entertainment and tourism industries. Today they are endangered on many fronts that include habitat destruction, poaching for ivory, human-elephant conflict, wild-capture for tourism, street-begging, mistreatment, and exploitation. With these threats comes the imminent loss of an animal that plays a critical role in the environment, and has an intelligence and magnificence from which we have much to learn. In this film our intention is to investigate what the positive solutions can be for elephants and the people whose lives they affect, through a story that intimately portrays the modern human-elephant relationship yet also reflects our relationship with other creatures, and each other.